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Learning Auckland have also been listening to our young adults. They have commissioned a youth-led consultation with Auckland young people, to find out their views about their education process. Young people have a right to have their voices heard, and educators and business decision-makers all gain from hearing those voices. The consultation included video interviews, a survey monkey, face to face engagement and a photo voice campaign. The entire process was designed and conducted by young people. The aim wasn’t to get a definitive picture of what the “average” Auckland young person thinks, but to hear the voices of a wide range of young people. The result of the consultation is a written report and three short videos, which together represent the views of the 800 young people included in the consultation. 

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What youth are saying about education: Click here to view the Youth Speak report

Click on thumbnails to view videos:

50 People One Question - V1

50 People One Question - V2

50 People One Question - V3

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