What is The Accord?

The Learning Auckland Accord

At the heart of Learning Auckland is a simple document called the Learning Auckland Accord, Whakakotahitanga Te Ara, which expresses the vision and principles that underpin Learning Auckland.

Collective action and commitment will see real changes occurring in our education landscape, and it’s something everyone can be involved with.

Why others have signed up

“We won’t solve educational failure and poverty by using the same thinking and approaches used through the time in which these problems were developing. The Learning Auckland Accord is a novel and progressive way of engaging with people and communities, and effecting change.” Angus Fletcher

“I want to be part of the development of an Auckland Education Plan that is effective in creating equity, excellence and opportunity for all learners – cradle to grave. This is why I became involved.” Cherie Taylor Patel
“The Accord gives a focus that will complement the goals of the Auckland Council and Central Government and something that will really start delivering on actions to make a difference.” Tanya Harvey

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