Learning Auckland accepted into International Collective Impact Network

Learning Auckland rounded out 2012 on a high note after being accepted into an international network of cradle-to-career, Collective Impact programmes led by the Strive Cincinnati Group.

This means Learning Auckland leaders will gain access to the invaluable resources, tools and strategies that Strive employs. It is also a strong endorsement that the Learning Auckland movement is recognised as meeting the criteria for a proven model of collective impact.

The extensive application process involved demonstrating how Learning Auckland aligns with the criteria for effective Collective Impact approaches, through a detailed on-line application and a follow-up phone conference with members of the kaitiaki group.

Major win for Learning Auckland movement

COMET Auckland’s Chief Executive, Susan Warren, says that the news is a major coup for Learning Auckland and demonstrates the progression of the movement since its inception in 2011.

“Strive is a great framework for the kind of widespread, cohesive education action we need to happen here in Auckland if everyone is going to reach their potential.

“In the United States, the Strive movement is something that binds educators, communities, business, philanthropy and policy together. As we build meaningful engagement and action in a similar way here in Tāmaki Makaurau, we should start to see some tangible results in education outcomes around the city.”

Collective Impact drives cohesive change

Like Strive, the Learning Auckland movement is based on the principles of Collective Impact theory, with a common goal unifying people and driving action to create positive societal change.

Collective Impact is an innovative way of approaching education, as the effect of having everyone working towards the same outcome is more powerful than multiple courses of action pulling in different directions.

2013 to bring action and engagement across the city

Susan Warren goes on to acknowledge the hard work of the Learning Auckland kaitiaki group who steer and promote the movement with stakeholders, and also offers some insight into what 2013 will bring for education action through Learning Auckland in the year ahead.

“Next year is shaping up to be action-packed for Learning Auckland, with efforts focused in the following areas:

  • The second issue of Learning Auckland magazine will be published, brought together by a group of young people from around Auckland, under the guidance of editor Geoff Vause
  • We’ll be encouraging more individuals and organisations to sign the Learning Auckland Accord and report back on their actions so we can measure and replicate successful initiatives
  • We’ll be stepping up our engagement with business and philanthropy in order to increase the interaction and support between industry and education
  • We’ll be delivering data-rich education and skills snapshots for all 21 local boards in Tāmaki Makaurau, using up-to-date research to identify assets and challenges for each unique area.

“With the acceptance of Learning Auckland into the Strive Network, we are more determined than ever that with a cohesive, action-focused and cross-sector approach, we can and will collectively improve education outcomes for Aucklanders”.

If you work with a business or organisation that wants to get involved as a signatory/supporter of Learning Auckland, contact Susan Warren at Susan.Warren@cometauckland.org.nz to find out more.

You can also visit the COMET Auckland website here to get a copy of the Learning Auckland Accord to sign and share with your networks.

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