Why should students get involved in Learning Auckland? Learners at LA magazine meeting

Young people have an enthusiasm and passion for life that is hard to find elsewhere. As a student, this is often one of the most challenging, sociable and enjoyable times of your life.

It’s also a time to build up your leadership skills and be part of something bigger than your group of friends. There are exciting opportunities in social media, communication, and the arts, to really share the ideas around Learning Auckland and we know students have a valuable role to play in promoting learning in the city.

By becoming part of the Learning Auckland movement, you will grow your networks, learn new skills and have a real appreciation for the role of education and how it can expand your opportunities in life.

How can I help?

  • Talk to your parents and/or caregivers about the importance of them attending your parent-teacher meetings at school, so together you can all work towards your future while supporting your education
  • Spread the word about Learning Auckland with your friends, sports groups, and in your social media communities - encourage your friends to sign up and take action to ensure you all have the support and opportunity to achieve great things in life
  • Consider seeking out work experience, volunteer and internship opportunities in your local community so you can start to build the skills you need for the workplace and make connections that will come in handy when you start your career
  • Contribute to Learning Auckland magazine – send in an article, cartoon or artwork about something that would make a difference for your learning – the best items will be published in the magazine

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