Leadership Table

“Kotahi te hā o te kaumātua, me te hā o te mokopuna.”

“We share in common a single breath, a commonality of vision, spirit and a role in the generation of new life.”

Welcome to our Leadership Table

The Role of the Leadership Table

The Learning Auckland Leadership Table is responsible for holding the broad city-wide vision for Learning Auckland, setting the overall direction, and for selecting priorities on which to focus. The Table meets quarterly and is made up of high-level leaders from across education (early learning, schooling, tertiary and community learning), business, philanthropy, community and local government. 

LA Structure

Achievements to date

The Leadership Table’s key achievements in 2014/15 were:

  • Establishing a higher-level leadership group – the Learning Auckland Leadership Table
  • Publishing a baseline data report
  • Conducting a ‘100 conversations’ consultation to inform our next steps
  • Agreeing Terms of Reference for the group
  • Agreeing a set of measures and targets
  • Creating a Theory of Change to guide our efforts towards systems change
  • Presenting at two Collective Impact conferences
  • Learning from citywide literacy efforts in UK and US through a Winston Churchill Fellowship
  • Commissioning a detailed data report from the Ministry of Education
  • Agreeing our first collaborative project, Talking Matters, based on the data and our consultations

2016 Focus

The Leadership Table has identified the following key areas of focus for their work for 2016:  

  • Implement Talking Matters as our first collaborative action, informed by expertise and networks from the Leadership Table
  • Identify a second action area to be scoped during 2016, based on key gaps or opportunities identified from the data and from the Leadership Table’s knowledge and experience
  • Engage education stakeholders through more focused and regular communication

100 conversations in 100 days

Auckland has thousands of children and young people from all different cultures and backgrounds with heaps of potential to thrive. Yet for some, there are many hurdles that stop or slow them succeeding.

In an attempt to find out what Aucklanders believe are the biggest challenges facing our youth, the Learning Auckland Leadership Table members spent early 2015 talking and listening to families, young people, educators and community leaders. We got close to 100 conversations in 100 days.

What did we learn?
This rapid community consultation round revealed how passionate people are about helping young people to succeed.  There are many, many efforts and initiatives across the city (and nationally). But efforts to help are directed in so many different directions that it is hard to monitor whether or not these efforts have any major long-term impact.

Many people were concerned about the scale of challenges for young Māori and Pasifika, particularly those from low socio-economic households.  Aucklanders wanted the potential of those young people to be recognised, rather than them being seen just as problems. Our education system needs to become much more culturally responsive.

Transitions are pressure points - starting school, moving into high school and moving out to study or work.  If we are going to put young people at the centre of the education system, we need more flexible funding and more coherence and collaboration across the system.

So, what can we do?
We believe a key way to improve education and skills is by increasing community involvement and placing more importance on literacy, which has a profound impact on young people throughout their lives.

In the future, we are hoping to get access to more specific data to highlight ethnic and gender inequalities, document Auckland’s population growth, and get insight into the pathways school-leavers are choosing.

Click here to read the 100 Conversations report

It’s time to get involved with Learning Auckland
If you think we are onto something and want to be involved in education action in Auckland, Cradle to Career’ then get in touch and get involved with Learning Auckland. Email Alison.Sutton@cometauckland.org.nz

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