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What makes the Learning Auckland movement so special?

At the heart of Learning Auckland is a simple document called the Learning Auckland Accord, Whakakotahitanga Te Ara, which will link different community-based education initiatives, measure progress, and track what’s working well.

By tracking progress towards our targets, everyone can learn what’s working and what’s not, which means we can apply the most effective ideas and initiatives to other areas.

The Accord will link people and action together, and drive everyone towards the shared goal of enhancing educational achievement in Auckland. Collective action and commitment will see real changes occurring in our education landscape, and it’s something everyone can be involved with.

What happens when you have signed? 

  • You will receive a certificate to record your commitment
  • We will keep you up to date with progress and actions under Learning Auckland
  • Decide on an action you or your organisation can take that will contribute to one or more of the accord’s success measures
  • Tell us what you’re doing: and check out what others are doing towards the Learning Auckland targets
  • Look out for the Action Networks that develop over time, and join one that’s relevant to you

Why others have signed up:

“We won’t solve educational failure and poverty by using the same thinking and approaches used through the time in which these problems were developing.  The Learning Auckland Accord is a novel and progressive way of engaging with people and communities, and effecting change.” Angus Fletcher

“I want to be part of the development of an Auckland Education Plan that is effective in creating equity, excellence and opportunity for all learners – cradle to grave.  This is why I became involved.” Cherie Taylor Patel

“The Accord gives a focus that will complement the goals of the Auckland Council and Central Government and something that will really start delivering on actions to make a difference.” Tanya Harvey

Who wrote the Accord?

A group of kaitiaki leaders were responsible for designing and writing the Accord, and you can read more about this special group of people here. Together, the kaitiaki leaders group comprise a cross section of people with a stake in how learning can make a bigger difference to Auckland.

There are no limits on who can sign the Accord; it’s designed to be used by everyone with an interest in education and making sure that everyone is supported in learning and success, not just 80% of people.

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