Why should the community get involved in Learning Auckland?Community learning

For Auckland to be successful as a city, we must ensure that everyone can contribute to their full potential. We must all pull together to make it happen and community involvement is at the heart of those collaborative efforts.

No one understands the needs, opportunities and challenges that exist within a community like those who live, work and learn in the area. From church groups, to sports clubs and parenting support, there are so many community organisations that are directly linked to the people in the area.

By signing the Learning Auckland Accord and becoming a community partner of Learning Auckland, you are showing your commitment to improving skills and education for your community and for the city.

How can I help?

  • Show your support for education in the community: don’t allow students to wag in or around you, encourage young people to stay in school, be involved and engaged with school events like fundraisers and sports days
  • Make education a priority if you work with young people in religious, cultural or sports settings - you are a real influence and can be the mentor young people need to stay on track and succeed at school and beyond 


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