Collective Impact and the Strive Together Network


What is Collective Impact?

Collective impact is about creating systems change to move the dial on complex challenges. Collective impact is not business as usual and it is not about new projects. It’s about connecting and aligning the efforts of many different organisations around an agreed vision and holding many parties mutually accountable for that vision.


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Elements of Effective collective Impact

There are five elements of effective collective impact and three important pre-conditions. These components have been identified from the insights and experience of a decade of collective impact projects that take many different forms.



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Learning Auckland is an International Affiliate of the StriveTogether Cradle to Career Network.  

Learning Auckland leaders have gained access to the invaluable resources, tools and strategies that StriveTogether employs. It is also a strong endorsement that the Learning Auckland movement is recognised as meeting the criteria for a proven model of collective impact.   

StriveTogether is a great framework for the kind of widespread, cohesive education action that needs to happen here in Auckland if everyone is going to reach their potential.  

Like StriveTogether, the Learning Auckland movement is based on the principles of Collective Impact theory, with the common goal of unifying people and action driving to steer positive societal changes.

Collective Impact is an innovative way of approaching education, as the effect of having everyone working towards the same outcome is more powerful than multiple courses of action pulling in different directions.


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