Civic Leaders

Why should civic leaders get involved with Learning Auckland? Mayor Len Brown signs the Accord

As a civic leader of Auckland City, the potential for leadership and initiative around education and learning is very strong. In becoming a signatory to Learning Auckland, you can demonstrate your commitment as a key community advocate and city-wide leader.

The Mayor’s vision for Auckland to be the most liveable city in the world can only be achieved if everyone has the education and skills to fully contribute to the social and economic progress of Tāmaki Makaurau. Take your role in leading Auckland City to the next level - sign the Accord and be part of the difference.

As a civic leader you have a great deal of influence over the people you come into contact with. Learning Auckland is driven by aligning actions and priorities, and civic leaders can be part of the movement by showing initiative, commitment and advocating the benefits of more educated, skilled and engaged city. 
Priorities are directed by data and evidence, outlining clear areas for focus and improvement so you can rest assured Learning Auckland will be driven by the latest information to ensure action is effective and targeted.

How can I help?

  • Discuss Learning Auckland with your fellow civic leaders and outline the benefits of being involved 
  • Sign the Learning Accord as an individual and send it back 
  • Come up with one action that will support learning in your local area or constituency 
  • Share your stories with the Learning Auckland network and learn from what other civic leaders and signatories are doing.

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