What is Learning Auckland?

Learning Auckland is a city-wide collaboration, uniting around a common vision:  to improve the effectiveness of Auckland’s ‘cradle to career’ education and skills system. 

Learning Auckland is not “yet another project.”  Rather, it aims to create coherence and increase effectiveness among the many projects already happening in the city.  The goal is systems change - bringing together the efforts of educators, employers, community organisations and local government to create coherent, effective pathways for learners.


Our goals

Learning Auckland aspires for a city where:

  • All children experience quality learning in their early years
  • Our young people leave school equipped for a successful transition to study or work
  • All Aucklanders have the literacy, language and numeracy skills to thrive in Auckland
  • Every Aucklander, child or adult, has access to quality learning when and how they need it.  


Progress so far

Phase One: 2012 to mid-2014:

Learning Auckland came about after a forum in May 2011 when 200 Auckland education and community leaders discussed how to make learning more effective for more Aucklanders. The group concluded that to build skills for our city’s economic and social development, the most important ingredient was greater coherence. You can read the report from the Summit here

A kaitiaki group led Learning Auckland in its formation phase.  In summary, the key achievements in the first phase were:
Cross-sector kaitiaki group, meeting monthly to guide the work

  • Agreed vision and principles – the Accord
  • Agreed milestones – Pathway to Success diagram
  • Student voice – LA Magazine, published three times per year since September 2012
  • Leading the 2014 parent engagement project
  • Learning from international examples through joining the StriveTogether network and through visiting other collective impact models

Phase two: late 2014 to present:

In response to feedback from collective impact experts, Learning Auckland was re-shaped during 2014, with a higher-level leadership table, working towards a smaller set of prioritised measures and with a greater focus on leading collaborative action. 

The key achievements for 2014/15 were:


The Learning Auckland Accord

At the heart of Learning Auckland is a simple document called the Learning Auckland Accord, Whakakotahitanga Te Ara, which expresses the vision and principles that underpin Learning Auckland.  You can show your support or learning Auckland by signing the Accord here.


Kaitiaki Group

Successful collective impact initiatives take time, courage and community leadership to establish.

For the first phase of its development, Learning Auckland was led by a dedicated Kaitiaki Group, made up of passionate individuals from across education, community, philanthropy and local government.  During 2012 and 2013, the Kaitiaki Group worked together to:

  • Create The Learning Auckland Accord;
  • Develop Pathways to Success – mapping the key milestones a young person needs to achieve in their cradle to career education journey;
  • Enable  Learning Auckland to become an ‘Exploring’ member of Strive Together Network
  • Host a successful hui on parent engagement in education that attracted 188 people from 106 organisations (ECEs, primary and secondary schools and other education sector groups). There was real appetite for learning more about effective ways to engage parents and many useful strategies were shared.

Insights from 2014 visits to four cradle to career projects in the USA led to the shaping of the new Leadership Table, ensuring it was better positioned to bring community, business and education sectors together across the region. A new Leadership Table met for the first time in October 2014. Read the Visit Report to learn more about other collective impact projects.




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